5 reasons pronoun name badges are good for your business and your people

Diversity and equality are hot topics right now. And with landmark rulings around protecting gender-fluid employees from discrimination, more businesses than ever before are implementing practices that support inclusion. One of the simplest yet most impactful approaches is the introduction of pronoun name badges.

Numerous household names have adopted pronoun name badges, including Nationwide, Nando’s, and O2. Most companies have opted to give employees the choice of a pronoun name badge, yet there is a compelling case to actively encourage their selection over traditional name badges.


Reasons to adopt pronoun name badges

1. Avoid misgendering or misidentifying

Using pronouns is one of the most personal ways we can address one another. After all, they’re bound up in our identity. And so misgendering or misidentifying – wrongly assuming how a person identifies based on appearance, for example, can be upsetting for everyone involved. As employers, we have a moral obligation to make sure our people feel comfortable and welcome. Pronoun name badges can help us fulfill that duty and avoid unnecessary upset amongst our people.

2. Build a culture of respect

Pronoun name badges demonstrate a company’s recognition that their employees should be addressed in a way they feel reflects their identity and encourage everyone to respect those preferences.

3. Promote an inclusive culture

Giving people the option to include pronouns such as ‘they’, ‘them’ and ‘their’ on their name badges helps promote an inclusive culture for non-binary people and creates an opportunity for understanding. It also demonstrates the company’s commitment to inclusivity, not only to its employees but also to customers, clients, suppliers, and other business partners.

4. Become an employer of choice

Walking the walk when it comes to making everyone feel welcome and respected in the workplace will help attract a more diverse workforce that can bring fresh perspectives to the business. Plus, employees are increasingly choosing employers with values that match their own. Demonstrating diversity, inclusivity and equality will go a long way to recruiting talent with values aligned to the business.

5. Remove the risk of being seen as non-inclusive

An ever-increasing number of businesses are offering employees pronoun name badges. Many universities have introduced them, and the likes of LinkedIn and Instagram have updated their profile pages to allow users to add their preferred pronouns. There’s a risk that soon, businesses that don’t offer employees the option to display their pronouns on name badges or email signatures, will be in the minority. And with that comes the risk of inadvertently making a statement about where you stand in relation to diversity, inclusivity and equality.

Pronoun name badges from Badgemaster

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