Find out the surprising reason why building relationships with your customers is crucial and 8 sure-fire ways to do it

 Guest blog written by Jenny Wing, freelance copywriter at

What’s better for your bottom line than repeat customers? Maybe an off-the-scale profit margin, a never-ending stream of new high-value customers AND returning customers. But repeat business is much more achievable, especially when you invest in building relationships with your customers. Repeat customers deliver a better ROI, word of mouth recommendations, and when you give them exceptional customer service, their lifetime value is likely to be enviable.      

Good customer relationships can make all the difference when things go wrong too. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control and impact on customer experience – an exceptionally busy time of year for example. But, when our customer service is usually spot-on and we’ve taken the time to build strong relationships, our customers are more likely to forgive and forget.

According to research, almost 70% of customers stop being loyal to a brand because they don’t feel valued.

It makes sound business sense to build better customer relationships. And what better time than Christmas - the season of goodwill?

Here are a few sure-fire ways to show your customers that they’re important, special and appreciated.

1. Make it personal

Here’s an obvious and easy one to start. Whether big, small or somewhere in the middle, most organisations can show their customers some love with a Christmas card. A personalised card sent to your most valuable customers speaks volumes. If you’re upping your green credentials and cutting down on paper consumption, pop a greeting in your e-newsletter or similar instead. Let your customers know you value them and the planet.

2. Put your staff first

Best-selling author, motivational speaker and organisational consultant, Simon Sinek, said: “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” So, give them a name badge and make them feel part of the team. Show them they’re important to your business and treat them like your best customer.

3. Share your values

When customers are asked why they’re loyal to particular brands, shared values come up again and again. So, if your company is committed to sustainability, strives to create opportunities for those less fortunate or believes in ethical business – let your customers know. Even better – show them. There’s no better time than Christmas to wear your business heart on your sleeve.

4. Reward loyalty

Don’t forget your already-loyal customers while you’re working on building relationships. Christmas is a great time to reward them for being staunch advocates for the last 12 months. Preview evenings, priority shopping events and exclusive access give staff the perfect opportunity to thank customers in person. And that’s powerful.

5. Give a gift

Branded items have long been the gift of choice, and with good reason. They’re often inexpensive yet have perceived high value. Plus, the brand stays front of mind long after the tree has been taken down.

6. Strike up a conversation

No-one has time to stand chatting at this busy time of year. But one or two thoughtful questions while your customer is packing their bag, waiting to be checked-in or being walked to their table, will be remembered.

7. Be a friendly face in the crowd

It’s Christmas; everyone is rushing around – exhausted, excited, often a bit of both. So, make life easier for your customers with brand ambassadors on hand to show them where to find that perfect gift, the quickest route to their show seats or the shortest queue. Make them feel welcome with a smile and important when your staff introduce themselves. Which leads us to name badges

8. Wear a name badge   

Names help connect us and start conversations. They give a sense of familiarity and comfort. That’s why name badges are crucial to building relationships with customers. At a time of year when customers are trying to find their way through crowds or navigating new places, they’re likely to ask for help more often than usual. Knowing someone’s name means a more friendly interaction from the off. And it makes the same friendly face easier to find next time your customer needs help.

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