How to design your conference badges and lanyards to give delegates an even better experience.

Name badges and conference lanyards might seem like small features in the grand scheme of things, but when it comes to events, the devil is in the detail. A well-designed conference name badge can include an agenda or venue map; it can act as an entry ticket, be a conversation starter and more.

By giving your name badge and lanyard a bit of extra thought, your delegates can enjoy a better experience. Introductions are more accessible, and networking is more useful. Conversations get started sooner, and relationships grow faster. Plus, personalised lanyards help build your brand. To save you time so you can get on with planning the rest of your event, here are a few ideas for a well-designed conference badge and lanyard.

Make your conference name badges and lanyards useful.

  • Add the agenda, timings of breakout sessions, a map of the venue, key contact details or Wi-Fi connections to the reverse of the badge. It’s the perfect place to put information that will help delegates navigate the conference for a smoother experience.
  • ‘Ask me about…’ and ‘I’m interested in…’ are good conversation starters and make it easier to find delegates with similar professional interests. Networking doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so why not use the name badge to make it easier and more effective. Leave the answer blank for delegates to add or make it a part of the registration process and print answers on the badges.
  • Personalised lanyards are perfect for conferences. Conference name badges are an excellent opportunity to build brand recognition, but you don’t want to overshadow the delegate details. Instead, choose a personalised lanyard. They can be fully branded with your brand colours, logo, strapline, contact details or anything else that will help your organisation stand out. And lanyards are often used by delegates after the event for all sorts of purposes, meaning your brand will be seen again and again.
  • Adding categories such as speaker, VIP or day-delegate to your conference name badges help people quickly know who they’re speaking to and can act as a conversation starter.
  • Including the delegate’s social media details on the badges makes it easy for them to connect and stay in touch after the conference too.
  • Different colour lanyards for different types of delegates can help conference organisers spot specific types of delegates so they can quickly differentiate day and multi-day delegates, speakers, exhibitors, volunteers and more.

Keep your name badge and conference lanyard practical

  • Choose the font size and type carefully. The bigger the font size and less decorate the font type, the easier it is to read at a distance. That means no-one needs to squint or get too close to see who they’re talking to. And make sure they work for longer names too, so the badge looks professional and uncluttered.
  • Always include first names but don’t automatically add second names. Consider whether the event is formal or more relaxed and extend the style to your name badges.
  • Including the delegate’s organisation and role is a good idea. Conferences are a networking opportunity, so help delegates search out useful contacts by adding relevant information.
  • Choose good quality material for your conference name badge and lanyard. They’re a reflection on the event, your organisation and sponsors so getting it wrong could impact on future conferences. Make sure the name badge material is durable enough to stay in good shape for the entire event. And plain and custom design lanyards are available in different finishes too so always check the quality of the material.
  • The right fastener is essential – choose the wrong one, and some delegates won’t wear their name badge. Conference lanyards make it easy to slip badges on and off, and they can be worn with any clothing. They also mean that everyone wears their name badge in the same place, making it easier to spot.
  • Have a plan in place to create professional-looking name badges on the day of the event to allow for mishaps, misunderstandings or late registration. Custom lanyards help makeshift name badges look professional.

A useful conference will be talked about with colleagues and recommended to others, so it’s worthwhile making sure delegates have the best possible experience. Paying close attention to the details that will help them get more out of the event will pay dividends.

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