Vulnerable Person Social Distancing Badges (Pack of 2)

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£4.95 ex VAT

Our Coronavirus #badges are designed to help people keep themselves safe while self-isolating or social distancing, or let others know you’re able to lend a hand #happytohelp

Because it’s essential everyone follows the government’s guidelines, these badges are ideal for individuals or businesses and are perfect for people working in sectors such as the NHS or the Care sector, Grocery Supermarkets, or for use by individuals whilst out ‘essential’ shopping or individuals self-isolated at home.

The circular badges are lightweight and easy to clean, each badge is 65mm in diameter, so they’re easy to spot at a distance. Supplied with a garment-friendly magnetic fastener, these badges are a suitable and safe option for health professionals and carers or for individuals at home or out shopping.

  • Fast turnaround and delivery
  • Easy to clean
  • Manufactured in a safe environment
  • Handled by Badgemaster professionals observing government guidelines
  • Do you have a requirement for a custom badge design? Contact our customer service team to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation.