Seven surprisingly low-cost ways to raise more money with charity pin badges

Guest blog written by Jenny Wing, freelance copywriter and charity specialist at

The humble charity pin badge has been around for decades. Yet it’s still going strong with charities big and small taking advantage of the low-cost fundraising and awareness-raising tool. Granted, for some charities, it’s never going to be a big money-spinner, but for others, it’s a significant part of their fundraising income. A couple of years ago, the RSPB raised almost £570,000 in profit from their collectable charity pin badges – a staggering amount!

So it’s safe to say that there’s plenty of life left in the charity pin badge, and with a little imagination, it can do big things for your charity. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Wedding favours with a difference

Why not give your supporters a way to wear their heart on their sleeve on their big day. Charity pin badges make a more meaningful token gift instead of traditional wedding favours, the happy couple share their support for your cause, and their guests leave with a way to show they care too.

2. A token of appreciation

While people give for different reasons, most don’t expect anything in return. So why not surprise them with a specially-designed charity pin badge to show your gratitude. For long-standing supporters, regular givers and others, a small token of appreciation can go a long way to showing them you value their support. While they wear their pin badge with pride, you raise the profile of your charitable cause and help deepen the relationship with your supporter. And by choosing a low-cost fundraising item such as a pin badge, supporters can be sure you’re careful about how you use their donations.

3. Carefully curated collectables

Charity pin badges have always been collectable, even when they were fairly ordinary. But time has moved on and so have our expectations. Collectable pin badges are as popular as ever, but charities are having to work harder on their designs and their releases. Limited editions or themed sets of badges, celebrity-designed or endorsed – there are many ways you can make your pin badge collectable. And don’t forget that over time, as badges fall out of circulation, individual designs become more collectable and command more money (so be sure to keep a few backs of each design).

4. Get some celebrity status

They don’t have to have celebrity status, but influencers can have a massive impact on your cause. Getting their financial support might be difficult; however, popping on a pin badge can be just as beneficial. Who in the public eye has a link with your cause? Which online influencers share your target audience and passion for the purpose? From local celebrities to c-list influencers and A-list stars, just one appearance wearing your charity pin badge can influence thousands of others. Why not ask them to help design a special edition badge too.

5. Be creative with your corporate partners

Your corporate partners are supporting you because they care about the cause, yet while they do what they can, they’re pushed for time. So, make it as easy as possible for them to raise money for your charity. Donating in exchange for a charity pin badge is an effortless way for employees to support their Charity of the Year and it’s a hassle-free option for organisers to raise some quick cash. For your corporate partners with a little more time, why not work with them to design a special edition pin badge to celebrate the partnership.

6. Create a talking point  

Small event entry fees help cover costs and raise a little money too. Visitors get a great experience and leave happy. They might tell someone about it; they might not mention it again. Rather than missing an opportunity to spread your charitable message, why not exchange the entry fee donation for a charity pin badge. It makes an admission fee a little more palatable and provides a talking point after they leave. It might also leave them wanting to collect the full set.

7. Increase your (free) resources

It’s common practice to place charity pin badges in various retail outlets, the offices of corporate partners, on display at charity events and more. Fundraisers are a resourceful bunch and very well-connected – they’re also very busy. A volunteer whose sole focus it is to place your charity pin badges in as many locations as possible can reinvigorate your campaign. They bring a new set of connections, and so increase the visibility of your charity. And they can open up opportunities to develop new relationships with future fundraising partners.

There are some quick wins amongst these ideas – those that you can implement almost immediately, along with a few which will take more time. However, every one of them will help increase the profile of your charity, encourage loyalty and ultimately raise more money so you can do more for your cause.

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